Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lucky 7?

Today I recevied my Happy Anniversary card from our CEO wishing me a congrats on my 7 years at GHP!!  I can't believe it's been that long! I was only 23 when I started and now I'm *gulp* 30!!!!  Where have the years gone?

But I must say, I do love this place (most of the time!)  I have met some of the most wonderful people here (you know who you are!) and for that I will always be grateful. I even had a baby while I was here!! CRAZY!!   I have listed a few of my favorite memories at GHP (sorry people, most of these will only be understood by fellow or former GHP'ers!!)

  1. I met Craig Biggio!  Even though I lost the picture that proves it!
  2. One winter, our server was hacked and we couldn't work for a WEEK! And we still had to come in! But watching movies at work was kinda fun.
  3. Dave Walden. Nuff said.
  4. When I first arrived, Theresa didn't like me.  But now she can't live without me. :)
  5. Rex Humphries anyone??  Exactly.
  6. The famous Energy Summit with THE Hilary Clinton.
  7. Free hot dog night at the Continental Club.
  8. Waiting for the rioters outside and they NEVER showed up! BOO!
  9. Realizing that I didn't tell my venue the  event date changed and when I showed up they were like "huh?" NICE ONE BLANCA!
  10. Riding a roller coaster after said luncheon to make myself feel better!

There are lots more, but I won't bore you with them!
So to GHP, thank you for not firing me having me and giving me such wonderul memories!!  I wonder how much longer I will stay??!!


  1. How Monica told you that she loved you and you had to tell her that you had a boyfriend!!!

  2. how Daniel had the hots for you!!!

  3. Lydia you are nuts!!!!!! I should have said NON-EMBARRASSING THINGS!!! GEEZ!!

  4. the two memories above are my favorite!

  5. ok here is one good one, the time Tina humped her cubicle....and we all fell out!!!

  6. What about the time you were introduced to Michelle Arnold...BEFORE she was famous!

    If you HATE on me during my E True Holywood story I will KILL you! OJ Style - I will never get in trouble! :)

  7. How about my second day on the job when you were my buddy and were trying to take me to lunch, but you forgot your card and we had to leave Luther's and come all the way back to the office?? :) I still like that one.

    Or the time you and Theresa sent me a printout of a committee roster showing the email address for a Member that I accidentally had entered as


  8. How could I forget about the Esmeralda email??? Remember the ALL STAFF one?? LOL!!!!! That was PRICELESS!!!