Wednesday, June 2, 2010

San Antonio or bust!

This weekend I was in San Antonio for my dear friend's wedding.  April Young is now April Gipson!  Congrats to the bride and groom!  The wedding was absolutely gorgeous and of course, so was April.  The wedding was held at Berry Mansion and the place was divine!  The scenery was perfect.  They even had swans swimming in lake behind them.  So nice!

Look at the happy couple!

Esmer, Vega and my Vieja were there as well.  It was fun being able to hang out with my girls.  Of course Sofia went too. She loves her Tia Negra. :)

Here's Esmer...who knows what they were laughing about!!

And these were the pretty!  As a Mexican, I totally wanted to take them!!! LOL!!!

We had a good weekend in San Antonio. April, may your marriage be blessed with lots of happiness and lots of kids!!!! :)  Love you girl!


  1. Awe it was perfect! BTW do I not take great pictures or what!?!?

  2. Thanks for posting this my beautiful B! I feel so special! It was great seeing you ladies. Maybe you all can plan a trip to the ATL! MAYBE...:-)