Monday, June 28, 2010

Soccer is getting on my nerves!

Is it me or has the World Cup been on for 4 months?!!? And since when did Americans start liking it so much???  Well this American still doesn't.  Even though I must admit it was exciting when I read that the USA team won in those last 45 seconds or something. Leave it to us...always procrastinating!

And what the hell is a vuvuzela????!?!?!  I hear this word 2343234 times a day.  Well I found out by Googling it of course.  And then I saw a Youtube clip of the noise. OMG, if I was at one of those games, I would grab that vuvuzela thing and beat the shit out of the person using it.  I listened for 2.5 seconds and already had a head ache.  Another reason to not like soccer.

And If you are a soccer fan, please enlighten me to why I should give it a chance. Although the hot boys that play ALMOST make me a fan...ALMOST!  Ok so looking at this picture...I think I LOOOVE! 


  1. I have the solution...they should play with no shirts on! I would love me some soccer then!

    Im with you...I just dont get it. It was cool for the U.S. to win or tie or whatever...but it is BORING. And I will watch golf or nascar on TV, so that is saying something.

  2. Jill has a great idea about the players playing sans shirts! The strange thing is that I have had to watch so much soccer, that the horns are just white noise now. I don't notice them until someone else says something, even at the games! BTW, US was eliminated on Sat.