Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Bachelorette - Episode 6

We knew this episode was going to be good and it was!! Well at least the beginning was.  Last week they gave us a teaser that someone had a girlfriend.  Of course, someone always does.  Well my predictions were wrong and it was Justin, ("Rated Loser") the wrestler!!!   But I must applaud the Bachelorette for letting us in on this secret at the very beginning of the show and not make us wait 2 freaking hours!!!!  Anyway, so Chris Harrison, Mr. Personality himself, came into Ali's room and she was surprised and "scared" to see him.  He vaguely tells her that they have some information on one of the guys but he was going to let Jessie explain it to her. At first I was like "who the hell is Jessie and why does she get to tell her?"  Jessie was a bachelorette with Ali on Gay Jake's season.  Anyway, Chris calls Jessie and lets her tell Ali the news.  So Jessie tells Ali that Justin has a girlfriend.  And then she tells Ali that she's there WITH Justin's girlfriend.  LOVE IT!  They don't say how they know each other and they don't say how Jessie knows all of this info, but whatever.  So then the poor little girlfriend gets on the phone with Ali and tells her ALL of the juicy details.  She says that Justin only wanted to be on the show to get famous, and once he did, he was going to go back home and marry her.  Oh and then the REAL girlfriend found out that he has had ANOTHER girlfriend for the past two months.  So she was ok with it until SHE was being cheated on.  Nice.  Oh and was it me or did the girlfriend NOT seem that upset??? I don't think I saw ONE tear stream down her face.  I've seen better cries on Young & the Restless! 

So after all this sinks in, Ali is PISSED OFF.  She tells Chris that she wants to confront him NOW.  So I'm thinking she's going to have him summoned to her room and she was going to yell at him. No, this girl goes into the guy's suite and TOTALLY puts him on blast in front of EVERYONE!!! I am loving every second of it.   His face was PRICELESS!!!!  So Justin literally gets up, goes and gets his stuff and walks out!!   "I got my passport. I got my wallet. That's all I need,"..IDIOT.  So Ali chases after him down the fire escape. I mean seriously, this fool is in a foot cast, she could have caught up to him and BEAT HIS ASS!!  So they emerge outside and this idiot is climbing over bushes, he tries to go inside a restaurant and it's closed! LMAO!!!!  It was CLASSIC!  And of course the cameras are there to capture it all.  Ali is still chasing him telling him to "face it like a man". Ummm Ali, he's not even half a man so good luck with that.  So you see the idiot walking aimlessly around. I mean seriously, he's in Turkey, where the hell is he going to go?? I doubt he has any Turkish cousins he can call to come pick him up.
So finally, the idiot comes back and sits next to Ali on some bench thingee.  He sits and thinks about all the lies he's about to tell her and he says "I bet you want to rip my head off right now"  YOU THINK ASSHOLE?? So he goes on and on and about he does have feelings for that girl but that she's not his girlfriend and that's she's more like his best friend.  Ali says "so this girl, your best friend, just lied to me??!!!!"  And Justin was like "uummm..well...huh?"  Seriously, JUST LIKE THAT!! He couldn't give her a straight answer, he still denied it all. But of course we all knew he was lying and thankfully so did Ali.  So he says "I'm sorry for everything" and walks away.  She's left sitting there fuming.

And the best part of the ENTIRE episode....as the camera is following Justin through the streets of Istanbul, they play voice mail messages that Justin left to his girlfriend! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love it when the voice would say "next saved message".  CLASSIC!!!  And all of these messages say how much Justin loves her, how much he regrets doing this, etc etc.  The producers at this show know how to get ratings and I love them for it.  I wonder how much they paid her for those messages.  I'm betting that with the money she got, her and Justin are going to live happily ever after. So in the end, their plan worked ANYWAY! But it made for good TV and for that I am grateful.

And seriously, after that I don't remember anything. LOL!!! I think there was a group date. Oh wait, they did wrestle (literally) for Ali's love. So cliche but I will take it because Roberrrrrto was all oiled up. YUMMY!!!!  

There is no cocktail party at the end because she knows who needs to go home.  She sends Craig on his way and the show is over.  Oh and Frank goes crazy next week but we can't tell why.  YAY FOR CRAZY PEOPLE ON TV!!!

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