Wednesday, June 30, 2010

If it's not one thing....

The World Cup is on my nerves!! You already know that.  But Lord have mercy....this damn Twilight crap is ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!  It's all over Facebook and I hate it.  I guess I could stop checking my FB so much...YEAH RIGHT!

This is another phenomenon that I just don't get.  And when the hell did vampires become so cool?   They are dead!! HELLO!! And they drink blood.  Am I the only that thinks this is a bit weird?  Mosquitoes drink blood too and no one is wearing TEAM MOSQUITO!  Geez. 

AND it's not even the young kids anymore....GROWN ASS WOMEN are standing in line to see this. AT MIDNIGHT!! Do these people not have jobs??? And does anyone remember that this Taylor dude is like 12 years old? And these women are drooling over him!!! He is jail bait.

Where's Buffy when you need her? 

So if anyone out there is a lover of this crap...please enlighten me!!!

Maybe I'm just mad because I didn't think of this crap! Man, I would be RICH! :)


  1. Dude, I love Buffy and Angel and Blade and Underworld...but I HATE TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ive even read the books, seen the first two movies and I STILL do not get it!!!

  2. I am totally with you on this! You are the first person that I have seen that is on the same page as me. I am so sick of hearing about this Twilight crap. And, sorry, but I don't think that "Team Edward" or "Team Jacob" or any other team related to this stupid Twilight thing is even hot. There are way better actors to be looking at out there that aren't jail bait.