Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Halloween came and went but it was a good one.  Last year Sofia was just a wee 3 weeks old and this year she was able to walk and ask for candy!  It's crazy how a year changes things. :)

Anyway, we went trick-or-treating in Conroe.  Yes, THAT Conroe.  Why so far you ask?  We always celebrate Halloween with our good friends The Riveras.  They also happen to be Sofia's god-parents and we have baptized two of their kids. :)  So I guess you can say we are TIGHT! :)

Sofia was a beautiful fairy for Halloween.  At one of my baby showers, she was given wings AND a tutu and I never knew when she would EVER wear it but alas, a time came.  Look how cute she looked!!!

Miss Betty Rodriguez KNEW she NEEDED these two things in her closet and boy was she right!!!  I thought for sure Sofia was going to be pissed off that she had to wear the wings and the tutu but she was a perfect lady and fairy.  She never once tried to take them off.  She is a natural prissy princess.  LORD HELP ME!

Sofia LOVED being able to walk in the middle of the street with all the other million and two kids that were out last night.  She never got scared of all the scary faces and people trying to scare her. She would just look at them and keep walking.  She's from the hood...she's used to scary people. :)

Here are some more pictures from the evening.  I can't wait for next year!!!!!!!!

She was trying to steal the pumpkins. I told you she was from the HOOD! :)

Sofia and her god-sister Priscilla.

Happy Fairy!

Sofia and her dumb dad.

She was too cute walking in this outfit!!

I hope you had a great Halloween as well!!!!  I can't wait to eat all of the candy. :)

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