Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sick kids are no fun!

Sunday night or Monday morning I should say, Miss Sofia was up at 4am crying and not being herself.  She was coughing and even throwing up. :(  So I made an appointment for her and took her in to the doctor.  Turns out she has 2 ear infections!!!!  This is her 3rd set.  I hope she stops getting them!!!!!

And seriously Sofia, you had 3 weeks to get sick and you pick the day before I have to go back to work to get sick. HOW RUDE! Just kidding... :)  BUT I did get another day off, just not the kind I wanted.  She is on lots of drugs and I am praying she gets better ASAP!   These are the days  I am so grateful that Leti is there to watch her because she gets undivided attention and lots of love and care.  I LOVE MY LETI!  But you know that already. 

Ok antibiotics, do your job!!!

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