Wednesday, February 2, 2011

American Idol Season 10

If you know me, then you know that I LOOOVE American Idol. I have been an avid watcher since season 2.  I'm glad I didn't watch Season 1-- hello, Jason Guarini was annoying. AND Paula was sober back then and not as much fun. But I digress....

When Simon announced that he was leaving, I knew instantly that the show was doomed.  I know lots of people hated him, but I LOVED him.  I'm just glad dumb Kara Diaguardiaa or whatever her name is gone.  Talk about a waste of a paycheck. ANYWAY -- when they announced the new judges I literally rolled my eyes.  Steven Tyler -- I mean really? And Jennifer Lopez???  I thought she went away once she married her crackhead looking husband? Boogie was excited of course because he thinks they are soulmates because they share the same birthday.  LOL! Loser.

Well when the premier was approaching, I was a little excited. I mean do love the fools that make idiots of themselves.  That's why we watch anyway right? Well...I was shocked.  I fell in love with Steven Tyler and Jenny From the Block was not half bad either!!!  Steven Tyler has a charm about him that I am in love with. Now I know why women love rock-n-roll guys -- I NOW GET IT! And I think now that J-Lo has kids and is married and is no longer in horrible movies, she's likable!  FORRREAL!!!  Oh yeah and there's Randy -- nothing to report -- he still says "Dawg" all the time.  BORING.

So if  you haven't watched yet, please do.  Today's episode was filmed in Austin.  And let me tell you -- it was probably the most boring one yet.  WTF Texas?????  There was some good talent but not the best.  It comes back on tomorrow so I will try to report on it.

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