Thursday, February 10, 2011

Baby Boom of 2011!

As of today, I know 7 girls that are pregnant.  Yes, 7!!! Can you believe that crap?  I guess people were getting busy during the holidays!! :)  So here are the 7...

  1. My bff Michele. :) This one is near and dear to my heart well...because she's my BFF duh!!!! And they have been trying for a year so this was GREAT news!!  I hope she has a son -- crossing my fingers!
  2. Vanessa Vega Skrabanek -- and old coworker and a crazy dear friend of mine.  Just yesterday she found out she is having a girl!!  YAY for more girls in this world. Although I thought it was a to me being wrong! Reagan Isabel Skrabanek will be here in the summer!
  3. My cousin Jessica...I still think of her as a baby and now she's having one!!!!  She's around 13 weeks and will find out in the next month or so what she's having.  Soo exciting!
  4. My cousin Christina (if you are keeping up, she's Jessica's sister).  I believe she is 5 1/2 months and again, ANOTHER SUMMER BABY!!!!  Karina Krystal will be here soon!
  5. Another cousin Samatha...she finds out next week what she's having!!  Exciting!
  6. Nicole -- a friend at work.  This is her second baby and she's being so selfish and NOT finding out the sex of the baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WTH!?!?!?  I tried to convince her otherwise but it didn't work.  BOO!
  7. Melissa Gomez - friend since middle school.  I haven't seen her in a long time but Facebook helps me stay in the loop of everyone's business!  She's having a girl which is very exciting because she currently has two sons!  What if all these babies are girls?!?!!?  We already have enough hormones in the world...we need more MEN!
That's all...for now!  That's a lot of freaking baby showers to attend!!!! I will try and blog about each and every one of them. 

P.S.  Don't drink the water!!!!

I saw this and thought it was funny!  HAPPY PREGNANCIES EVERYONE!!

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