Monday, June 27, 2011

Do I have issues?

And please, not everyone say "yes".  :)  So this is why I ask....

So if there is ever a time when Sofia has a special occasion to go ie, birthday party, I will literally think every day of the week what she's going to wear.  And I'm not even kidding.  So in my head I know ALL of the suitable outfits she has for public viewing.  Yes, she has clothes that will only be worn inside my house.  Anyway, so all week I'm thinking "what will she wear?"  And as I'm going through each potential outfit I also have to think whether or not she's been photographed in such outfit.  Because if she has, she will NOT wear it because I will more than likely take pictures. DUH!!!!!!!!!!

And I also won't put an outfit on her if the people we will be hanging out with has already seen her in it.  Ok...maybe I DO have issues. once I've figured it out, I put it on her and I usually hate it.  Poor Sofia has to endure at least 2 or 3 outfit changes before I let her leave the house.  This past Saturday I changed her 3 times and I changed her shoes 3 times.  She was wearing this odd color of pink that I didn't have shoes for.  I have pink sandals but none matched perfectly.  THEN I remembered we did have shoes that matched.  As I put them on her I quickly realized that she shoes were one size too small.  Now, Sofia and I have had the conversation that fashion comes before comfort, so she wore them. :)  AND they were open sandals so it's not like her feet were turning purple or anything.  Her toes may or may not have been touching the ground -- but like I said "fashion BEFORE comfort". :)

AND the worst part -- people noticed. Thank GOD they were all family.  I told them my reasoning. They agreed that I have issues.

One time Boogie's brother was taking her to the store and the outfit was HIDEOUS!!!!!!  Thank God I was coming in and saw her before she left. I immediately changed her, did her hair and put on cute shoes.

What's sad is that I could care less what I look like.  And please no smart comments about how maybe I should. :)

ANYWAY!!!!!  Ok, I'm crazy. :)  What do you think?

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  1. You're just training her early for when she's famous. Once you're photographed in it, that's it, you can't wear it any more...