Thursday, June 2, 2011

Has this ever happened to you?

So you are at work and need to use the girls/boys room.  You walk in and no one is there.  This is my favorite time to go. Although the stalls are separate and you are in  your own private space, it's still weird to me that we use the restroom with strangers.

ANYWAY!!!!  So you take care of business, wash your hands and you hear a flush. WTH?  Oh shit (no pun intended)...someone was here the WHOLE TIME!  Maybe this is just me but I start to think "was I talking to myself?"  "Was I loud using the restroom?"  This freaks me out!! So I always hurry up and wash my hands and leave before they have time to leave the stall.  I'm so serious!  And this happened to me today and it happens at least once a week.
I hope this happens to everyone else too. Or just tell me it does so that I feel better.

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