Monday, June 6, 2011

The NBA Finals

The NBA finals are continuing this week.  I haven't paid attention to the NBA since the last time the Houston Rockets won.  Which I am embarrassed to announce was more than 10 years ago!!  Not only has it been that long since the Rockets were any good, but I was way younger too!

Anyway, the Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks are fighting to win the big championship.  I normally don't care but since a Texas team is playing, I am paying a little more attention. But since I hate anything Dallas (COWBOYS SUCK!) and Lebron James is extremely annoying, it was hard to pick a team I wanted to win. I could have just not picked any team but what's the fun in that?

I have decided to be the bigger person and sorta-kinda-almost pick Dallas. And not necessarily do I want them to win, but since I am a Texan through-and-through, I am almost obligated to want Dallas to win.  Is that wrong of me since Dallas is a horrible place to live and play?  I mean, c'mon, any smart person knows that Houston is the place to be when it comes to living in this great state of Texas!!!  So what if they had an ENTIRE show named after them.  WHO cares that the only real theme park is near them (this one hurts my heart).  WHO cares that their teams win more than ours.  Poor Astros.  Dumb Rockets. Sucky ass Texans. 

Dang, our teams DO suck.

Miami is leading the series 2-1.  It's still any one's trophy to win.  You can't count either team out until someone officially wins.  So let's see how this plays out.  Tomorrow is the 4th game and a crucial one.  At least it's entertainment for me since there is no real TV on during the summer!

Anyway, since I have to have an opinion on everything, I wanted you to know where I stood on the NBA finals. :)  Now your life is complete. You're welcome.

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