Friday, June 10, 2011

Reagan Isabel Skrabanek

Miss Reagan Isabel Skrabanek was born June 8, 2011 at 8:20 p.m.  She weighed in at 5lbs and 9oz and was 17 inches long.  I went to see her in person last night and she is PERFECT in every way.  She's so small and petite that she almost looks fake!!! I'm not even joking.  I'm not used to small babies.  See Sofia.

Mommy and Daddy are just over the moon in love with this precious child.  Vanessa said she won't even put her down!!  I don't know anything about that because I surely did NOT carry Sofia all the time. Vanessa asked me "didn't you just want to hold her FOREVER" I  quickly replied "ummm...NO!"  LOL! Does that make me a bad mother?  And she also doesn't want to send her to the nursery so that she can sleep. I also don't understand this logic.  The hospital is the last time you have 24-hour babysitting service...and these people are licensed and everything!!!  I tried to be super mom one night and keep Sofia with me. But that ended as soon as she woke up for the 1st time and I was so sleepy I couldn't even open my eyes.  I did feel guilty but I got over it as soon as I passed out! :) I told Vanessa that she likes her kid WAY more than I liked mine.  Ok so that's a lie but I wasn't in the mood to carry Sofia every second of every moment of every day! I hope there are other mothers out there like me! Hello....?

Anyway, I tried not to stay long but I looked up and we had been there TWO hours. But I was so entranced with this child I didn't want to leave!!!  Carrying her last night makes me want another one...but not now. Maybe later. :)

She is absolutely beautiful.  Paul and Vanessa are so very blessed!!!!  Congrats to them!

Look at this precious girl!

I love that she looks Asian!  Well she's half so it makes sense but STILL!!

She is soooo tiny! I love it.

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