Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Theresa Rodriguez

My Theresa is leaving me!!  Well she got a new job so she's leaving GHP but she's still leaving!!!!!  Theresa and I have worked together since 2003.  I actually started working here a week before her and she didn't like me at first. Can you believe it? Someone didn't like ME!!!!! :)

Turns out I was a big starer and Theresa didn't appreciate that. BUT when she first got here she was always falling asleep at her desk so yeah, I stared. :)  BUT as you all know, now we love each other very much and we will be forever friends. :)

I will miss seeing her face and all her black suits. I will miss being able to dial extension 658 and hear her voice on the other end.  I will miss looking at my phone and seeing her extension looking back at me. 

But even though she's leaving GHP, our friendship will not end.  Even if I wanted it to, she would find me. :)  I love my Theresa and I will cherish all our GHP and non-GHP memories!!

The picture below is my ALL-TIME favorite picture that was taken with my GHP friends.  It was taken at a birthday celebration for Jill and I.  No one was sober at the end and I don't think anyone was sober when this picture was taken.  Don't we all look so happy....and drunk?? :)  Look at Daniel's flip phone. LOL!!!! Hilarious.

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