Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sofia Turns 3!

Well actually she doesn't turn 3 until October but you know I start planning her birthday party WAY in advance!! Yes, I do have slight problems. :)

So I have been going back and forth trying to think of birthday themes. First I thought I would do Sesame Street -- but I have a cousin who did that for her son's birthday and I don't want to appear to be stealing!  I also thought a Minnie Mouse party would be darling but ANOTHER cousin did that last year!!!

So I finally sat down and thought about what Sofia actually likes -- I guess her opinion matters too. Well she LOVES animals!!  We have been going over animal sounds she was very young and every time she watches Lion King she squeals with excitement.  I've taken her to the zoo but not recently - I need to because again, she loves all the animals.

Anyway, as you probably have guessed, her theme is going to be Safari/Jungle theme.  Although I like it a lot, animal prints aren't my fave. AND a lot of the things that are out there are designed for baby showers and I don't like that either. AND I also don't want this to look like a cheap bachelorette party!!!!!!!!!  So as the year goes on, I will do my hardest to find a happy medium.  WISH ME LUCK!! And if you have any ideas, please share them with me!

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