Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's that time of year!

It's insane to think that the year is almost over and that Christmas is almost 3 weeks away.  They will arrive in opposite order but I so don't feel like re-writing that sentence! :)

So have you started Christmas shopping yet? I have purchased one gift and it doesn't even really count because it was less than $10...with tax!  I will blame Houston's weather on the fact that I am not in the Christmas spirit 100%.  It's like 80 degrees outside and hoochies are still wearing their shorts and flip flops!  I can't get in the mood of Christmas if people's ass cheeks are hanging out!!! Work with me Mother Nature....PLEASE!!!!

I have been listening to Christmas music since the 2nd week of November in hopes that would be help.  It isn't. But I'm still listening to it. I LOVE IT! Although the same songs come on every other song because let's be many versions of Rudolph are there? Not very many.

But tonight we are finally going to go and get our Christmas tree.  Sofia has been asking her daddy to go buy it for weeks and amazingly he's been trying to ignore her.  BUT we finally con viced him and we'll be shopping for that "perfect" tree tonight.  Wish us usually takes forever to agree!

I hope you aren't too far behind on shopping!  Let me know if you find any good deals!!

Is too much to ask for this kind of weather?!?!?!

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