Thursday, May 13, 2010

And then there were 3....

I will admit I didn't sit through the entire hour of last night's show. I got caught up in the two hour finale of ANTM so I changed it just in time to catch the ending.  Anyway, I CALLED IT!!!  And if you look back, I've called the last two as well. I'm getting pretty good at this. 

It was time for you to go BIG GUY! And pun intended with that one.  Of course they show his wife crying the whole time. I get it, she's sad because she just saw her cash cow, more like cash elephant, lose!  And not only did he lose, he's not getting the contract and there goes the new house she wanted!  I would be crying too.  But sorry Mrs. BIG GUY, he really wasn't that great.  He should have left the first time!! 

Is it me or did everyone act like he was going off to war or something?? I mean OMG, everyone was crying, the judges looked like their hearts were breaking.  Simon (who doesn't like anyone) gave him that weird pat he gives to everyone and was actually conversating with him!  WTH?!?!!  Did I miss something????!?!  Maybe he's really nice?

Oh, and his daughter is cute but she looks like a preemie on her daddy's chest!!!  His hands are bigger than her! 

My pick for winner:

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