Thursday, May 13, 2010

ANTM Finale!!!

Man this season went by really fast!!!  It feels like only yesterday Alasia's wig was on Miss Jay's head and she was fainting when she saw Tyra....ahhh the memories!

Anyway, usually the 2-hours finales are so boring but this one was good!  Two were eliminated after the photo shoot...loved it!!!   They had to be "pretty ugly."  Well this was perfect for Angelea because she is PRETTY F'IN UGLY!! I'm not making it up! LOOK!

The other pictures were good too.  Of course Krista won AGAIN!!!  And of course everyone acted like they were happy but they weren't. She got $3000 worth of jewelry!! And it was hilarious because as she was taking it all out to see, the girls were like "OMG Krista, you got doubles of some stuff!"  Like Krista was really going to give you some of her jewelry!!  I wouldn't have either. Stupid dumb models!

My favorite of the day:
Anyway, long story short, ugly Angelea and plus-sized normal sized Alexandria were sent packing!  I liked Alex but I knew she wouldn't make it to top 2.  Angelea was good at the beginning but then just went downhill fast!  Adios ghetto girl!  So our top 2 was Krista (OF COURSE, she' been winning for the past month!) and Raina...wolf girl!  I love her!

The second hour was of course the Cover Girl commercial and photo shoot.  Good pictures for both (not great), commercial was cute, Seventeen cover photo was fun. Nuff said.  

I was pulling for Raina to win!!  I love her face.  Krista is pretty too and has perfect skin but Raina was my fave.  And just so you know, I called this top 2 as well!

The fashion show was actually fun to watch.  A lot of the old cast members were in it.  How nice of them! Ugly ass Angelea was there and fainting Alasia too! I personally  liked Raina better than Krista but no one asked me my opinion!!!  It was a "fun" runway show and not sooo serious which I enjoyed.  Nice change ANTM!

So Krista ended up winning which I knew she would.  She has been the judges favorite for the past 5 weeks or so, and like I said, she wins EVERYTHING!! So I guess congrats are out to her...I guess!!  Yay Krista...not really.

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