Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Top 4!

Doesn't it feel like we've been watching AI for 100 months already???  Well thankfully we are at the top 4 (top 3 after tonight!)  The show was ok..nothing to write home about.  Let's go down the line and see how these fools did.

Jaime Fox was the mentor this week. I was super excited because I loooove him.  But, he was a bore too!  He wasn't funny, his advise was "eh".  Harry Connick Jr was funnier than him! What's up with that?!?!?

First up was Lee Dewyze AKA HOT STUFF!  He sang that one Seal song...I think it's his only good one. :)  It was ok...I agreed with the judges for one.  Next was BIG BIG Mike.  I am so ready for this dude to go home.  He sang Michael Jackson...the song from Free Willy.  Uhhhh weird!  And it was even more weird that Simon didn't even know what Free Willy was! Typical Brit (sorry Allyson!) :)  Ok, before I go on to his performance, does anyone think this fool needs to be wearing clothes that fit him and not ones that fit Ryan Seacrest!!!!  OMG everytime I look at his arms, I'm scared the fabric is going to rip.  I want to know how many cows had to die to make that leather jacket last night!!! 

ANYWAY.....his performance was eh.  How the heck did he make it so far??? I don't get it. I think he is super boring.  I hope he goes home tonight.  Casey James with his beautiful self Sang "Mrs. Robinson".  I thought it was good, but again, nothing spectacular.  Then Mommasox came and of course we all know she's the one that everyone waits for. She has become the Adam Lambert of this season, except without all the makeup, and the hair and the screaming (THANK GOD!)  Anyway, she sang a Kenny Loggins song from Caddyshack!! LOL!! I was like "huh?"  First of all, I LOVE that movie but I thought it was an odd choice.  But as Randy would say "you can sing the phone book and make it sound good"...and this definitely describes MommaSox.  I didn't get it, but she sounded good so I say YOU GO GIRL!

Oh and they also sang duets. I'm guessing this was filler.  But don't get me wrong, they sounded great. A lot better than the solos.  THANK GOODNESS!  So my pick to go home tonight is cow-killing Mike.  I think it's about time. ADIOS SENOR GRANDE!!!!

Poor cows....

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