Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Are you a 'Name Brand' Snob??

I have to admit...I can be.  But mostly with food products (surprise, surprise!)  I brought this up at lunch today and I thought "what a perfect blog post!"  Below are items that I will only buy in that brand! I know you have some...share with me people!!!

I will obviously eat other kinds of ketchup, my at my house, I MUST have Heinz!  I think it's the best out there and it tastes so yummy over fries! :)
Bread is also a big deal in my house, but not for me. I will eat anything but Boogie "has" to have Mrs. Bairds. He says it's the freshest.  What do you think?
And a few other products that I will not buy the "off" brand of. :)


  1. Im with you on the ketchup thing. I will NOT have any of that yucky, off-brand, "catsup" in my house! Never!

    Also, I never buy off-brand cereals, either. It is a mental thing. Im sure they taste the same, but anytime I see those bags of the "cheap" cereals I automatically think "daycare."

    I rarely buy the same brand of bread two times in a row. But I always buy different varieties, so that determines what kind I buy more than the brand.

    With just about ANYthing else I have started buying store brands. (Im poor like that!) Especially the "up&up" brand at Target. I read a bunch of really good reviews about their cleaning products. Nerd alert! :)

  2. Obviously I could go on and on! :)

  3. I think I'm going to have to go home and see what off brands I do use. I may be spending way too much money on stuff!!!!

    You and you weird bread!

  4. Im with Jilly- I LOVE Target anyway, and their 'Up&Up' products are almost perfect!

    Foods are hard to go with when it comes to off-brands... but it really depends on my pockets at the time ;]

  5. I'm going to have to check out the Target "up & up". I think I did buy thier sanitary wipes and I love them!!

    If one of my items that I must have isn't on sale, I just don't get it that week! :)

  6. I say bestfoods (helmans) mayonase is the first thing I can think of that I'd never buy offbrand of and soda, I prefer Pepsi over coke.