Monday, February 14, 2011

Sad Valentine's Day!

And it's all Boogie's fault!!  Well it's his job's fault but STILL!!!

Boogie and I were planning on going out to dinner.  We hadn't figured out where but we were going to celebrate this day.  As we were waiting for Sofia to wake up from her nap, his phone rings. He looks at the phone and it's his boss.  That's NEVER good.

His boss called to tell him that he needed to go to WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HOW RUDE!  And what is Boogie going to tell his boss..? "No, I can't go because Blanca is hungry!" Well that's what I was hoping he would say but he didn't. I sank in the chair and realized that we weren't going to go anywhere tonight, Boogie's boss calls back.  He asked Boogie if we had plans (WELL DUH!).  Boogie told him yes and then his boss apologized for making him work and he would pay for our dinner!!!  That was definitely nice and I greatly appreciate that but I WANT BOOGIE TO BE HOME!

I had my baby moment and pouted and I am over it.  Not really but whatever.  I am praying he doesn't stay out all night and comes home at a decent hour.  Looks like I will be eating a grilled cheese sandwich tonight!

Well at least Golden Girls is on early and I have left over chocolates.  There is always a silver lining right?

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