Monday, February 7, 2011

Sofia turns 2...well not really.

If you keep up with me you know that Sofia's 1st birthday was a pretty big deal.  100 people came! Ridiculous right?  Well although she doesn't turn 2 until October (yes, that's 8 months away), I have already started planning. I know, I have issues.

BUT parties take a lot of work and I have some really cute ideas so I wanted to start early.  And we all know how time flies so I want to make sure everything is perfect. So save-the-date people...Saturday October 8 is the day. Even though she won't turn 2 until the day after, Saturdays are better for having parties.

I won't reveal any details just yet because I want it to be a surprise but the theme is of course, Toy Story. I say of course because Sofia is OBSESSED with this movie.  She will literally sit and watch any of the 3 movies and not MOVE. It's awesome.  Toy Story has become a 2nd baby sitter!!!!!

Stay tuned people...

The internet is my best friend (just kidding Michele) and I use it for everything and look at this cake I came across...that's CRAZY!

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