Wednesday, June 22, 2011

16 and Pregnant

When this show was first aired, I watched it.  I watched it because everyone else did and because it seemed interesting.  But the more I watched, the more my blood pressure went up.  The kids that were on this show were DUMB and really did NOT need to be having babies.  But I guess the original point of the show was to show idiot teenagers that having a baby at a young age is HARD.'s hard when you're old like me!

Anyway, I stopped watching the show for my health. :) Well yesterday I heard that the couple that was going to be featured on the finale show was from Pasadena, Texas!!  I HAD to watch.  I turned it on a few minutes late so I wasn't able to get the story on how these two met. But boy, did the show take a turn for the worse within 3 minutes of me watching it.

Anyway, so the kids were kicked out of somewhere and they decided to go stay with the boy's grandmother for a while. The boys mom picked up the couple and dropped them off.  As the couple, the boy's mom and the little brother were sitting in the living room, the mom asked the girl to pass her youngest son a banana. The girl tosses it to the youngest son and he in turn gives it to the mom.  So the mom starts saying to the girl that she didn't need to throw it and that it hit the couch, BLAH BLAH BLAH! The conversation continues like this:

Mom: You really get on my nerves really do.
Allison: I don't care.
Mom: Then go live with your dad then.
Allison: We can't live with my dad, he doesn't take care of us. That's why we're here.
Mom: You aren't my daughter!!!!!!! I don't have to take care of you BITCH. FUCK YOU LITTLE GIRL!!!

Ummmm...really??????????  How mature of this mother.  I know her son isn't in the best of a situation right now but cussing out the mother of your grandchild that is 15 years old isn't going to solve anything!  So the crazy mom starts telling little Allison that her own parents didn't want her and that she's not surprised, etc.  Classy.

So the mom gets up and charges at the PREGNANT 15 year old and her son gets in the way to protect her.  He pushes her away as she is trying to hit pregnant Allison and the mom freaks out EVEN MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The crazy mom calls HER mom and tells her that the boy hit her in the mouth (lie) and that she's going to kick Allison's ass because it's her fault.  OMG...this was going nowhere fast.  At one point the mom is talking to herself and says "If I knew it was going to be like this, I would have aborted you".  That's right. She looks at her son and tells him she wishes he was NEVER born.  REALLY LADY???????  This poor kid is going to need major counseling.

Well then we find out that the crazy mom is a drug addict. And she says it out loud many times during the show. I guess she's proud of herself.  Whatever. 

Well I had high hopes for this couple. The boy seemed like a good kid and Allison was pretty smart (besides the fact that she got pregnant at 15).  Anyway, the baby comes and the dad is useless.  As all men are but whatever.  So Allison sticks it out for 3 months or so, graduates high school and leaves town! She is originally from New Jersey but I never found out how she got to Pasadena, Texas.  From one stinky town to another...poor girl.

Anyway, next week is the show where they have all the couples from the season and they talk to them about catch up with them.  The previews look GOOD!!!!!!!  I'm going to watch.

Oh, and the crazy dope head mom goes to rehab and gets clean.  I guess someone told her this was going to be on NATIONAL TV....

GO DVR 16 AND PREGNANT!!! It will make you feel better about yourself. :)

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