Tuesday, June 21, 2011

People annoy me!

I have posted many times about the annoying things people do on Facebook.  Well here is another one. 

People who can't spell!!!!  Where do these people come from?  I HATE when idiots don't know which "their" or "there" to use.  I HATE HATE when people are SO FREAKING lazy to use "THE" so they use "DA". I mean really??  It gets on my freaking nerves!! And if you are one of those people, please stop!!!!! :) You would make my blood pressure so much happier.

I have complained about this before, but people who HI-JACK other people's statuses are the worst offenders on FB if you ask me.  If you want people to know what's going on in your life, they will ask you! Or if you really want people to know, post that shit on YOUR Facebook page, send an email, send a text...something!!!  I especially hate it when person #A says "Yay...we're having a girl".  Then Idiot #b comes and posts and says "I'm having a girl too".  NO ONE CARES and NO ONE ASKED YOU!!  The correct response should be "CONGRATS!!!!!"  I know FB has brought every one's business in one place for the world to see. I get it..but again, do it on your own time and on your own page.  Leave everyone else alone and leave appropriate responses!!!   Another example  from person #A "Booked my vacation to Brazil!!"  Idiot #2 comes and says "OMG, I'm going on vacation too! I'm going to be in the Bahamas for two weeks and I am so excited".  REALLY??????  Did they ask you???  The status did NOT say "Please let me know where you're going on vacation this summer, because I really care and want to know"  The appropriate response should have been along the lines of  "How exciting!! I can't wait to see pictures from your trip. HAVE FUN!"  Is that sooooo hard??

I think I need to host a Facebook Etiquette class.  Most people would FAIL!!

Ok..I'm done.

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