Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday is here!

Why do we dread Mondays??  I don't know the answer, but maybe someone will. :)

Monday is here so that means we just had a weekend right?  How was yours? Mine was GREAT!  Well it wasn't that great but it was good.  As I was thinking about blogging about my weekend, I really DO NOT know what the heck I did on Friday, so let's skip to Saturday! :)

Oooooooh wait, now I remember!! (This is really how my mind works people)....
Anyway, I went to work on Friday but only stayed half a day. Our department retreat was that day so we got to leave at 11:30 a.m.  We all went to the Hotel ZaZa and were treated to lunch, snacks AND MASSAGES!!!!  Yes, I do love my job sometimes. :)  The massages were Christmas gifts from our contact at the hotel. Isn't he precious???  So we did actual work then in the late afternoon, we got pampered.

O.M.G.  The massage was UH-MAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But before the massage I realized I forgot to shave my legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank GOD they had showers and razors at the spa because I cleaned up RIGHT before I went it. Phew...that was a close one.  BUT THEN, when I walked in to the room, I realized I forgot to put underwear ON!  Ay Dios mio.....oh well...I'm sure she's seen worse. I hope.   So that was my Friday. A  good one right?

Saturday during the day - I forget. In the evening, Boogie's sister came to pick up Sofia. Sofia spent the night and we had Mommy and Daddy time.  We went to dinner and a movie.  The movie started at 11:25 p.m. - WAY past my bed time but we went anyway. We both looked at each other around 11pm and said "I'm sleepy". LOL! We are such losers.  We saw Contraband and it was REALLY good. I would definitely recommend it.  Thankfully it was good and it woke us up!

Sunday I didn't do a gosh darned thing and I am proud of it. I watched two football games, played Words with Friends and watched American Idol.  I love lazy Sundays and every once in a while, we all need it.

Can you believe January is almost over???? Chew on that.... :)


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