Wednesday, January 18, 2012

NFL Season is almost over!!!

Say it isn't so!!!!!!  I really do get a bit depressed when football season comes to a close. Is that weird? The super bowl is a few weeks AWAY!!!! Although the Super Bowl is more about eating and drinking and watching funny commercials than it is football... :)

So the Texans lost last week. I was sorta kinda but not really rooting for them. LOL! I wanted them to win so the city of Houston could be happy but I wanted them to lose because I chose the Ravens on my playoff bracket! :)  Hey...there's money involved so I had to go with my heart.

But when they lost, I really did feel sorry for the players.  This was their first year in the playoffs and I know they wanted to go far (although they weren't going to win the Super Bowl...let's not get crazy!)  I told Boogie it was better that they lost now and not let everyone down later...right? Boogie says I'm crazy...but what does he know?

So I will enjoy the few games left before the season is really over. I don't know what the heck I'll watch after that. Basketball is soooooooooooooooooo boring. They should have just stayed in a lock - freed up tv time for things that people actually watch.  The Astros will start playing in April..but we know how horrible and stinky they are.  OH but the Olympics are this year...CAN'T WAIT FOR THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love the summer's Un-American not to. I said.

OR, instead of worrying about what's on TV, maybe I should be productive and clean my closets, go for a walk....NAH. That sounds boring. :)

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