Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I hate dieting.

I think dieting has to be the worst thing on earth. Like forreal.  WHY DOES FOOD MAKE YOU FAT???  I wish all salads tasted like greasy cheesy pizza.  I wish broccoli tasted like chocolate ice cream. I wish Dr. Depper had ZERO calories.

My point is, why do ALL things delicious make you look like a big fat cow?!??!?!  It's so not fair.

Well if anyone knows me, you know I don't look like Jennifer Lopez...more like her fat ass cousin. NO wait, she's Puerto Rican. I'm Mexican. And no it's not all the same! ANYWAY, my point is that if I were on Match.com, I would have to pick the "fat ass" box on the profile.   I have struggled with my weight since I was young. I was NEVER skinny...ever.  But as I look back at old pictures I think "damn, I was skinny!"  How's that for irony. 

So to help me with my weight loss journey, I made a bet with a co-worker.  Money is a great incentive!!!  And not to mention bragging rights!!  So we made a bet that whomever lost more weight by August 25 would win.  The loser pays the winner $2 for every pound lost.  I am proud to announce that I have lost 6 lbs.  I know in the grand scheme of things that's not worth writing a blog post about BUT it's progress and I'm proud!!!!

I've been using an App on my phone that is helping me track my calories. It's pretty nifty.  It helps me to decide what I can and should NOT be eating.  Do you know that the big breakfast from McDonald's has 1150 calories!?!??!?!?!  My daily ration is 1800. That is pretty damn scary.  But again, it's SO DAMN GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I can even have a Dr. Pepper if I want...but I can't have anything else good to eat. But it's a nice trade off and it keeps me sort of in line.

I am not expecting a miracle in weight loss here. I know myself and will fall off the wagon and back on a few times before it's over but it's a start right?!?!?!

Check in on me later. Maybe the next time you see a picture of me, I WILL look like J-Lo! :D

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